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Word of the Day 100

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There are many Word of the Day sites that feature a random word every day. Your moderators — alliterator and redwolf — will choose one at their whim and post seven words.

It is your challenge to use one or more of those words in a 100 word drabble. If you do manage to include more than one of the words in a single drabble, you don't win anything, but we will all be suitably impressed.

Here are the official rules:

1. The challenge is usually posted every other Sunday, local Australian time, which will be some time on Saturday for those in the United States.

2. The drabble has to be exactly 100 words in length.

3. One drabble per post.

4. Drabbles can be any fandom. If you have the overwhelming urge to write an original drabble, feel free. Please indicate the fandom or original status in your post.

5. Please use lj-cut tags and include a header:

<lj-cut>[Insert story]</lj-cut>

6. If the drabble is R or above or contains spoilers for the fandom it's set it, please include a warning.

7. You are to submit your drabbles before the next challenge is posted. If you're late or would like to response to an older challenge, please include a note and link back to the older challenge.

8. No flaming, trolling or hateful comments.

9. No spamming. If you suddenly appear out of the blue, having had no interaction with the community, and post spam, do not be surprised if the other community members are narked with you.

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