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Sun, Jul. 9th, 2006, 08:21 pm
kb9vcn: Black To Block ("aficionado")

Title: Black To Block
Fandom: Genshiken
Warnings: Very mild adult humor.
Challenge: "aficionado"

Genshiken © Shimoku Kio / Kodansha / Genshiken Partnership / Media Blasters.

Madarame found Saki reading a new manga with a mostly-black cover.

"GAH!!" said Madarame. "You're leaving fingerprints!!"

Saki scowled. "What!?"

Madarame snatched the manga away from Saki, and carefully slid it into a plastic cover. "Every manga aficionado knows that you can't touch goods with black covers!!"

Interesting, Saki thought.


The next day...

The usually unflappable Kohsaka blinked in surprise as Saki walked up to him. She was entirely dressed in black, including long black gloves and a veil.

"Uh, Saki?" asked Kohsaka. "Are you going 'goth'?"

"I'm trying not to get groped by otaku," Saki said.

"Ohh-kay," said Kohsaka.